Garrett Garden

The Garrett Garden and Green features now include an arboretum and perennial garden and a Labyrinth located at the Mount Washington Town Center adjacent to the Community Church and Town Hall. Both the Garden and the Green are now tended by Town resident members/ volunteers.

Two additional gardens are being planned; a side garden and an exit garden . In the garden are four dozen trees of all kinds which have been planted since 1998.

Another important project being planned is thinning out the Arboretum area of indigenous trees to provide more sunlight to specimen trees.

Garrett Garden is owned by the Town of Mount Washington and cared for by two Community Foundations. They are The Sarasota Community Foundation of Sarasota, Fl. and the Berkshire Taconic Foundation of Sheffield, Ma. Donations are always welcome.

The Green serves the town as a playing field for 10 Summer Sunday afternoons plus the annual All Town Labor Day picnic the final Sunday of baseball. The playing field consists of 2 1/2 acres and is located on Crossroads.

There is no charge to walk the grounds. They are open to the public. Parking is available at the Church and Town Hall parking areas and the Garrett Green playing field.