Conservation Commission

Name and Contact Info
Scott Miller - Chair
Term: 2027
Manuel Rodriguez
Term: 2024
John Cotter
Term: 2025
Andy Traines
Term: 2026
Mackenzie Waggaman
Term: 2026

The Town of Mount Washington Conservation Commission is charged by state laws with the protection of Mount Washington’s natural resources, including its land, water, and biological resources.

Under the MA Wetlands Protection Act, the Conservation Commission processes applications (primarily Request for Determination (RDA) and Notice of Intent (NOI) forms) for permits to do work – such as construction, installing or repairing septic systems, cutting trees, cleaning understory, earth disturbing activities, and altering draining – in or near wetlands, forested wetlands, flood plains, river banks, marshes, swamps, areas by surface waters, such as streams, lakes, ponds or rivers. (MGL C.131, §40 and MassDEP.)

If you have work that fits any of the above descriptions, please contact the Commission before starting your work and get a permit – if it’s determined one is needed.

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