Emergency Buddy

In order to help us all to stay connected during power outages, severe storms or another type of emergency, it is wise to make sure that we have someone in town who we can contact for help.

We are asking everyone to consider setting up an ”Emergency Buddy”. This can be a relative, a neighbor or a friend with whom you can get in touch. This way at least two households stay connected. It does not have to be a long, involved conversation. Something along the lines of “I just wanted to make sure you are ok” can make a huge difference to someone who may be feeling anxious or isolated.

This is not just for seniors – it is for all of us. Everyone will benefit from the act of reaching out to someone else during these stressful times.

We have extraordinary technology available to us, but there are times when it is simply not accessible. A personal connection can make all the difference.

Of course, for a life-threatening emergency, 911 is your first contact. But if the situation is something that can remedied without emergency services, your “Emergency Buddy” can be an important link in keeping our community safer.

Questions?  Call Brian Tobin at 413-528-3204 briantobin@townofmtwashington.com.