NHESP Priority Habitat Area

Dear Neighbors,

​At the June 8 Conservation Commission meeting, we began discussing the Natural Heritage Endangered Species Program’s (NHESP) designating Mount Washington town lands as a “Priority Habitat” and how this impacts the Town. This designation is not, in any way, made by Conservation Commission, but rather by the State.

​As there are many unanswered questions, Conservation Commission has approached the NHESP to meet and discuss the implications for our town in conjunction with both the Select Board and Planning Board. We will keep you abreast of any and all updates as we go along. To give you a general overview, please see the attachment below. It explains the nature of the designation.

​Please know we are here for you and will always be working to determine how we can best protect our very unique environment while still allowing all of us the ability to develop our homes and land as we wish.
Conservation Commission
​​​​​​​​Town of Mt. Washington

22July2022 NHESP Webinar Slide Deck



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